A Jo Ann Rodda

Real Estate Co

Selling and Managing Properties Since 1981

  • Sold properties since 1981
  • Sold Trust/Probate properties
  • Sold pre-foreclosure properties
  • Managed properties since 1967
  • Invested in properties since 1967
  • Sold properties in 1031 exchanges
  • Build/remodeled a house and units
  • Listed and sold other agents’s expired listings since 1981
  • Sold properties with City violations & unfinalized permits
  • Listed and maintained Bank REO’s

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Jo Ann Rodda, “The Old Pro”, Real Estate Broker/Owner

Senior Real Estate Specialist

California Probate/Trust Specialist

310-379-7966 Office (9 AM to midnight)

Text 310-714-0200


Note: My website company closed . It will take awhile to build a new complete one.